The Masters of Italian excellence, for over 50 years

Founded in 1963 by brothers Lorenzo, Luigi and Paolo Cuppone, the company immediately specialized in the production of electric ovens, gas ovens and equipment for pizza professionals.

To guarantee a excellent service, the Cuppone family has chosen to develop all the production phases in-house – with an area of ​​approximately 5,000 square meters: design, cutting and processing of sheet metal, assembly of semi-finished products and electrical/mechanical components, realization of the finished product.

The spearhead of the company is the ​​research and engineering area where, thanks to brilliant teamwork, new ovens and advanced equipment projects take shape and where products are tested in collaboration with industry professionals to satisfy every market need, from those of the small shop to those of the big chains.

Innovation, quality, design and reliability are the winning features of Cuppone which, with its products, in half a century of inventions, has revolutionized the way of making pizza and has helped to promote Made in Italy excellence throughout the world, becoming synonymous with excellence and guarantee of success for those who choose it or become a partner in the international market.

Cuppone products line


Single-chamber rotating electric oven


Stackable electric oven


Stackable corner electric oven


Stackable electric oven


Stackable electric oven


Stackable electric oven


Stackable electric oven


Electric rotating single pizza oven

Gas oven

Stackable single-chamber gas oven


Hot forming machine for pizza


Spiral mixer


Dough rounder


Tools for professional ovens

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